Building Projects

Ballina deck and roof construction

An old home in Ballina received a new 6m x 6m deck and roof to add to the pergola living area. A great Ballina veranda, pergola and deck.

Ocean Shores garage conversion

This was a long single garage in Ocean Shores and was converted from a garage to a outstanding living area saving a fortune on a new extension. We completely constructed […]

Mullumbimby Pergola

A new hardwood floating pergola and carport extended to match queenslander house in Mullumbimby. All hardwood pergola in Mullumbimby built. Hardwood carport built to classic design. Building Mullumbimby.

New home

We are building a new home, we are constructing a new  large outback colonial style home. so watch this space.

Ocean Shores - Hardwood Decks and Addition

Complete construction of new outdoor entertainment area with 4 x new decks surrounding the home in Ocean Shores, constructed from the best hardwood with new fences, carports, this work has update and up valued this home. Ocean […]